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    12/27/19 Friday
    Hello, Coptic Brothers and Sisters and everyone in the Cosmos. Master John Davis is a brilliant author and lecturer and it is a privilege to know both him and Nancy Davis. They are both the BEST! Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year too!

    Master Hamid Bey is also the very BEST!

    Love and Compassion and Gratitude,
    Pete Wehle
    (P.S. I have some very good news and some sad news as well. Pam and I are grandparents again with my son Paul and his lovely wife, Sachiyo, having their first baby born on Christmas just like the baby Jesus and he is called Tyki Jacob or I just nicknamed him T.J. for short and our good musician friend Elfi Stern made her transition on the same day.
    Here is a poem I wrote in honor of her and all our friends who made their transition this year 2019!)


    I weep for a weeping world
    beside a creek full of woe
    Can there ever be a light for me?
    Brighter then the sun used to be.

    The river flows onward without a
    a feeling of sorrow or even a mess.
    It is a feeling, nothing more or less

    A symbol of eternal consciousness,
    This river could be you or it could be me,
    forever running towards the sea.

    It is a river, nothing more, nothing less
    winding around the curves and bends,
    flowing briskly, sometimes slowly
    inexorably to its end.

    One more tear of mine would not matter
    I am but a tiny thing on its platter
    But, if I weep no more
    The world will be a better place,
    full of wonder and full of grace.

    A simple understanding that we are all
    part of this Human Race.

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