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Master Course Level 3 – Self-Mastery

Hamid Bey said, “Either everything is a miracle, or nothing is a miracle.”  What does he mean by that?  He goes on to say, “Nothing is a miracle, merely the proper application of Divine Laws.” Self Mastery is about learning how to live using the Divine Laws to our benefit. If you want things in…

Master Course Level 2 – Self-Discovery

Coptic Master Course Level 2 (Self-Discovery) is where we dive in deep into the teachings of Master Hamid Bey, which help us understand our place in the world, and how best to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. For those who are working on their own self-growth, the benefits are obvious.  Less confusion,…

Master Course Level 1 – World Service Order (WSO)

Only a few spots left! Become Your BEST Self Through life changing Personal Empowerment Weekends Develop incredible self-confidence and energy Find your unique direction in life Connect with others on a deeper level Discover the liberation of living from your heart Take charge of your life and become a true leader We are looking for…