Master Courses

We offer a set of master training courses intended to help you become the best and most valuable version of yourself. These courses help you become a strong, confident individual while being of service to the world at large.  Each level builds on the previous levels, and there is no obligation to continue through all four levels of training.

The lessons and materials for these Master Courses originated in Ancient Egypt, and was brought to America by our founder, Master Hamid Bey.

Level 1 — World Service

The first level Master Course serves as an introduction to becoming a world service leader.  Learn to define your core message and service to the world, how to structure the way you present yourself to the world, and how to step up, speak out, and take charge.

Students learn to be confident when speaking in front of groups, and how to organize their thoughts for maximum impact. This class also introduces you to powerful techniques to accomplish more with less effort, so you can make a significant and positive impact on the world around you.

Along the way, you also learn some of the fundamental principles which have allowed the Coptic Fellowship to become a worldwide organization, empowering many to claim their power and take positive steps towards making the world a better place for all.

Students routinely report that our training has changed their lives, giving them the courage and planning skills necessary to take on a larger role in society.
World Service occurs live online approximately every other week in 16 two-hour interactive meetings.

Level 2 — Self-Discovery

Expanding on the foundation established by our Level 1 course, this course helps you become more effective in your work with others.  Using the lessons of Master Hamid Bey, students are lead through a process of self-discovery towards a life of greater fulfillment and satisfaction.

Our Level 2 training provides students with many tools to develop their leadership ability by becoming a more powerful individual. You are also introduced to many high-level concepts about how you fit into the grand scheme, and why Life happens as it does.

Students in Level 2 training are taught the ancient history of the Coptics, as well as the modern tenets and beliefs of the Coptics.  Balanced living takes self discipline, which we will all learn along the way.  A second objective of the year is to move into our hearts.  In an atmosphere of mutual trust, friendship, respect and love, we will share our inner and outer truth together.

Our list of subjects to be covered includes:

  1. History of the Coptics
  2. Advanced metaphysical theory
  3. Advanced meditation techniques
  4. Subconscious reprogramming techniques
  5. Publicity – How to create a promotional brochure and use the media to attract people to events.

Master Course Level 2 is our Teacher Training class, in which students learn how to interact with the world on a higher level, though balanced living.

This is accomplished with the help of the teachings of our founder, Master Hamid Bey, who left behind an immense treasure trove of powerful insights and wisdom in his lectures, books, and other materials.

Many of the lessons focus on helping students move into their hearts, and provide additional insight into how to structure and present information to make a stronger impact on the lives of others.

Students are also given the task of teaching some of the concepts studied, thus improving their public speaking skills even further.
Self-Discovery occurs live online approximately every other week in 16 two-hour interactive meetings.

Level 3 — Self-Mastery

The most impactual leaders are those who are able to demonstrate discipline and self-mastery.  Level 3 training focuses on self-mastery, which is necessary for true leadership. Instruction is based on the teachings of Master Hamid Bey, who demonstrated incredible self-mastery through feats such as being buried alive, piercing his skin with large needles without bleeding, and more.

Coptic Master Course Level 3 is our Self-Mastery course, in which students learn to maximize their influence on the world without by taking charge of the world within.

We all possess hidden and secret powers; powers of mind, body and spirit.  We are not consciously aware of these powers, and rarely use them.  In Self-Mastery training we will learn, step by step, what powers we need to develop, and exactly how to develop them.

This will include daily practice of:

  • Breathing Exercises
  • Concentration
  • Meditation
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Being aware of how we treat others and ourselves
  • Learning to see, hear and respond as a Master
  • Being aware of how our mind and our thoughts impact our “true” selves, and others.

From this, students learn they can do far more than they ever thought themselves capable of, as they discover how to harness their own secret powers of mind, body, and spirit, and use them in our daily lives to ensure healthier bodies, stronger minds, greater poise, peace, happiness and ultimate success.

Presented over 5 weekends, this course may be the most challenging, yet also the most rewarding.  Students are required to have graduated from both Level 1 and Level 2 training before signing up for this course.

Level 4 — Ministerial Course

For those who wish to serve others at the highest level and have successfully completed the previous 3 levels.  This course shows you how to take what you’ve learned in the other Master Courses to serve a community in a ministerial capacity.

This is also a 5 weekend class, with extensive training on all aspects of performing the role of a minister, including officiating weddings, funerals, baptisms, weekly services, personal counseling, and more.  In addition, you will have opportunities to further develop your speaking, leadership and organizational skills.

By the time you graduate from this class, you will be fully equipped to pursue your own ministry, run your own Center, and serve humanity at the highest level.

Coptic Ministers represent the Light Ministry of Coptic Fellowship International. The symbol associated with the Light Ministry is the Ankh.  The Ankh in ancient Egyptian times was known as the “key of life.”

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