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Personal Empowerment Weekends

              • Develop incredible self-confidence and energy

              • Find your unique direction in life

              • Connect with others on a deeper level

              • Discover the liberation of living from your heart

              • Take charge of your life and become a true leader

We are looking for future leaders, those who have a desire to realize a more meaningful life of service. If you have a strong desire to be of help to others, but are not sure where to start, WSO is the place for you!

Since 1985, WSO has trained hundreds of leaders who have found their way to inspire others! Many are now leading their own organizations, while others are travelling nationally giving lectures and workshops.

We offer a program that helps you to clarify your goals, to find your place in the world of service, and to discover the seeds of greatness within you!

This Leadership Training experience is a process of personal development that takes place over a period of seven months. You will be encouraged to listen to your own intuitive voice as you participate in four personal empowerment weekends and the annual networking conference.

World Service Order (WSO) teaches practical principles of leadership based on the laws of balanced living.  This program:

  • Provides pathways to self discovery,
  • Facilitates the creation of a better, more confident you,
  • Expands your awareness and abilities,
  • Makes a difference in your life, and in the lives of your families, communities, and in our world!

Sessions are a combination of workshops, lectures, and sensitivity training with facilitators who have all been graduates of the WSO program. You will learn to prepare and deliver professional and inspiring presentations. You will gain confidence and feel empowered to serve!

The great strength of WSO is that it offers participants the opportunity to grow at their own pace in a loving, supportive environment.

4 Weekends of Great Training

Each weekend has a theme and provides introduction to subjects that assist you in developing your personal plan of service. Workshops and lectures are a sampling of the many ways and opportunities to serve, and will expose you to areas you may wish to pursue later.


Beyond Limitations

You have far more potential than you can possibly imagine.  You will learn how to move toward your highest potential, using the examples provided by our founder, Master Hamid Bey.  Hamid Bey was able to demonstrate incredible mastery over his physical body, as well as his mind and emotions.  Control over heart-rate, breathing, blood flow, and metabolism allowed him to be buried alive over 5000 times with absolutely no ill effects whatsoever.  This weekend is focused on showing you how to gain greater control over yourself—your body, your mind, and your emotions—so you can take more control over the course of your life.


Life on a Higher Level

Learning to control your mind, body, and emotions just barely scratches the surface of what’s possible.  Extending this control into the spiritual dimension yields many wondrous results.  Christ wasn’t the only one who could perform miracles, and in fact said that any of us could do the same as long as we had faith.  Miracles of health, wealth, love, and happiness are possible when you learn how to connect with the Divine and focus your faith according to universal laws.


Becoming a True Leader

To be a leader, you must know how to best communicate and inspire others to your cause.  The best leaders are those who can inspire their followers to see life from a new perspective.  This is valuable whether you lead millions, or lead by example in your own corner of the world.  Discover how you can inspire people by speaking from the heart, with authenticity, confidence, and charisma.


Organizational Development

We are here to help you develop your own path in the world.  Many WSO graduates have gone on to take leadership roles in society, start their own organizations, and even form businesses that allow them to earn a living while pursuing a mission of service.  This weekend is focused on helping you attract volunteers, get them working together in teams, and how to make a significant impact on the world at large.

New Online Format & Price

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, classes this year will be held via Zoom, an online meeting system that allows us to see each other face to face while still being safe at home.  Not only does this provide a higher level of safety, it also makes it possible for those outside our local area to attend the classes.

However, we still want to provide a high level of personal attention to each student, so classes are limited to 10 students only.

Also because of the new online format, we have dropped the tuition fees to just $75 per weekend, or $275 for the entire Master Course.

More Testimonials

“I loved WSO! I learned the best thing is to be yourself, and develop your own personal style.” – Paula

“For so many of us, WSO leadership training is about miracles! Finding our center, identifying or re-defining life’s goals, and making lifelong friendships with like-minded others in the process. These personal empowerment weekends are challenging and fun! They help us to “find it within ourselves” to accomplish our dreams.” – Mary

“WSO was really an eye opener for me. A lot of healing took place. I learned how to love myself! I would tell others to take this course and let yourself grow. This is just the start of what is yet to come!” – Barb

“It’s been over ten years since I took WSO, but I will never forget how it changed my life! I met life long friends, and learned so much about myself. I gained confidence and learned that I can do anything, speak in front of a group, or speak my mind. I urge anyone to take WSO for their growth in all directions.” – Linda

We understand your desire to serve in meaningful ways.

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