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Coptic Master Course Level 3 (Self-Mastery) is where we take our understanding of Master Hamid Bey’s teachings to a higher level.

It is said that you don’t really understand something until you embody it as part of your life.  While most of us will readily admit that following a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise, and taking time to meditate are all good things to do, few of us are in control of ourselves enough to actually do them.

When faced with the challenge to actually incorporate these obviously good habits into our lives, many of us are at a loss as to HOW to do it.

This course helps you through the process.

And if that was all this course did, that would be invaluable, yet there’s more.

Students of this course also learn special breathing exercises which give you a tremendous boost in energy, techniques for concentrating your mental focus to stay with a project when lesser mortals would quit or procrastinate, and techniques for improving every relationship in your life.

Simply stated, this course helps you realize your immense potential and become the best human being you can be.

Course Objectives

This is where we describe what the student will experience as a result of taking this course.

Course Outline

If possible, show the topics to be covered in each of the 5 weekends.  Also show the actual dates for the upcoming series.

Course Requirements

Now that the value of the course has been established, it’s time to cover the investment, including successfully completing Levels 1 and 2, the purchase of various materials, etc.


Quotes from recent “graduates” showing how valuable this course has been to them.