As we continue to foster a sense of community and spiritual growth, we are excited to introduce the all-new Coptic Experience! Starting September 5th, we will be moving our Sunday gatherings to Tuesday evenings. We hope this shift will allow even more members to come together and participate.

Mark your calendars and join us as we come together to explore, grow, and heal every Tuesday evening. Your journey towards enrichment and well-being begins here. Here’s what you can expect from our new schedule:

  1. Rotating Speakers:  Our Sunday Experience, which featured insightful talks from various speakers, will now become a core element of our Tuesday gatherings. We have lined up a diverse range of speakers who will share their wisdom, experiences, and insights to inspire and uplift us followed by an interactive roundtable discussion.
  2. Studying Readings from the Masters:  Previously known as the Evening of Fellowship with the Masters, this segment will now be integrated into our Tuesday sessions. We will dive deep into readings from Master Hamid Bey and other Masters, exploring their profound teachings and discovering new dimensions of spiritual growth. Each session will start with breathwork and meditation. We will study from a Master and end with an interactive roundtable discussion.
  3. New Moon Healing:  Our tradition of New Moon Healing remains unchanged. The New Moon Team, led by LauraJoy Veeneman are masters at leading guided meditations for healing.  These serene and introspective moments will continue to offer us the chance to meditate, reflect, and set intentions in alignment with the lunar cycle.

CLICK HERE to sign up for a reminder email that will include the Zoom link to the event. Even if you are already signed up for the Tuesday Evening of Inspiration and Fellowship, we kindly ask you to sign up again to receive the 2-hour reminder and Zoom access information.

If you’d like to view videos of our previous speakers, CLICK HERE, or you’ll find that page listed under the Resources menu item at the top of the page.


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