october, 2020

tue13oct7:00 pmRiders of the Seven Lightswith John Modena7:00 pm The Coptic Center, O-381 Lake Michigan Dr Presenter: John Modena Event Type:Workshop


John Modena


(Tuesday) 7:00 pm


The Coptic Center

O-381 Lake Michigan Dr

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The Zohar

The Zohar is a book of great mystical power and wisdom.  It is universally recognized as the definitive work on the Kabbalah – and it is also so Much more.

The Zohar is a wellspring of spiritual energy, a fountainhead of metaphysical power that not only reveals and explains, but literally brings blessing, protection, and well-being into the lives of all those who read or peruse its sacred texts.  All that is required is worthy desire, the certainty of a trusting heart, and an open and receptive mind.  Unlike other books, including the great spiritual texts of other traditions, the Zohar is written in a kind of code, through which metaphors, parables, and cryptic language at firs conceal but ultimately reveal the forces of creation.

As electrical current is concealed in wire and cable before disclosing itself as an illuminated light bulb, the spiritual Light of the Creator is wrapped in allegory and symbolism throughout the Aramaic text of the Zohar.  And while many books contain information and knowledge, the Zohar and both expresses and embodies spiritual Light.  The very letters on its pages have the power to bring spiritual wisdom and positive energy into every area of our lives.

As we visually scan the Aramaic texts and study the accompanying insights that appear in English, spiritual power is summoned from above – and worlds tremble as Light is sent forth in response.

Its primary purpose is not only to help us acquire wisdom, but to draw Light from the Upper Worlds and to bring sanctification into our lives.  Indeed, the book itself is the most powerful of all tools for cleansing the soul and connecting to the Light of the Creator.  As you open these pages, therefore, do not make understanding in the conventional sense your primary goal.

Although you may not have a knowledge of Aramaic, look first at the Aramaic text before reading the English.  Do not be discouraged by difficulties with comprehension.  Instead, open your hear to the spiritual transformation the Zohar is offering you.

Ultimately, the Zohar is an instrument for refining the individual soul – for removing darkness from the earth – and for bringing wellbeing and blessing to humankind.

Its purpose is not only to make us intellectually wise, but to make us spiritually pure.


The Coptic CenterO-381 Lake Michigan Dr

Home base for the Coptic Fellowship, and the primary location for most events.

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