Aug 31, 2023


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Protect Self & Home with Natural Cleaning and Beauty Products, EMF Protection

Led by Cary Kirastar Ellis

Are you looking to get started with protecting yourself and your home from toxins and EMF radiation?  In this workshop, join Cary Kirastar Ellis of to learn how to transition to natural cleaning supplies and beauty products, while also protecting against negative impacts from EMF radiation.
With a comprehensive understanding of essential products to make the transition to a healthy and toxin-free home, you’ll gain the knowledge to start healthy and safe habits in no time. Workshop will include instructions and slideshow on how to make many household and personal care items.  Once you learn about these simple tools that can easily be made at home, you will wonder why you haven’t implemented them sooner. Create a dome of good energy around your home to keep self, family, pets, gardens healthier and more productive.
Join us and be one of the many to benefit from this powerful and beneficial transition today! We will discuss your burning questions in our Q&A.
For some living in the traditional way is enough. Their lives are busy and changing habits may be difficult. However, for those seeing to integrate new & old sciences, based in knowledge of plasma, ormus and orgonite, these tools are exciting and fun to create and use. The idea that our home and life is protected and enhanced by an energy field is not new yet is little known in our culture.
Join us on exploring ‘future science,’ for well-being and protection.
Cost:  Love Offering

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