Jul 25, 2024


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Online Workshop: Animal Spirit Guides, Totems, Friends

Presented by:  Mary Lemons

Workshop Description:  Animals are one of your most overlooked resources for your spiritual growth. Open yourself to the magnificent world of the animal kingdom. Learn different ways animals can influence and guide you. It is unnecessary to have a personal pet to experience the companionship of an animal. Regardless of your need, there is an animal willing to gift you with guidance. After sharing personal experiences of how animals can deeper your spirituality, Mary will lead you in a meditation to meet one of your personal animal companions. Other Comments: Every challenge life gives you has a spiritual aspect. When you work spiritually, you get to the bigger picture, the message Spirit has for you. When you work spiritually, you affect all areas of your life. The results go beyond the specific challenge to bring harmony in all areas.

Registration Information coming soon!

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