Aug 23, 2023


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Using Frequency to Release Anxiety, Worry, & Fear (3-part series) – Part 2

Presented by Michael Krejcik


In each unique session of this three-part group tuning series you will explore different areas of your biofield, accessing and releasing energetic patterns relating to anxiety, worry, and fear.

Week 2 – Wednesday, August 23: Getting Unstuck. Bathe in different coherent frequencies helping to identify and release old habits and patterns.

Week 3 – Wednesday, August 30: Moving Forward: More frequencies as we continue releasing with the tunings and take that next step towards creating the life you desire.

We will be addressing subconscious blocks and programs in the Biofield, bringing them to the surface where you will be given tools to begin releasing them. Move forward with confidence knowing that after experiencing these group tunings and incorporating the principles, you now have a means to deal with and quickly release old patterns and negative habits as they come up, enabling increased freedom from the mind loops of anxiety, worry and fear.

Whatever programs we have running interpenetrate our electromagnetic field and body. Learn how you can alter habits you want to change and delete the ones that are no longer serving you.

Come join us and experience a Light Body tune up and see for yourself.

Cost:  $50 for 3-part series or $25 each workshop

The event is finished.

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