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2024 Coptic Conference

REGISTER HERE: Join us on March 2, 2024 to learn how to inspire world peace through cooperative success.  Event ticket plus bonus ebook, My Experiences Preceding 5000 Burials.  Enter zero in the Love Offering box to attend for free.

Suggested Love Offering: $50 per person.

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My Experiences Preceding 5000 Burials

Learn how Master Hamid Bey became the great man he was.  Get the know the man behind the legend.

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Mind Over Mystery Audiobook

MP3 download.  Based on Hamid Bey’s story found in his “My Life Preceding 5000 Burials” book, this recording was scripted by Coptic Member Peter Wehle and performed by Fred Stella, who did a wonderful job giving life to the various characters involved.

The Power of Your Mind vs. Fear

Powerful wisdom from Master Hamid Bey shows you how to overcome any difficulty in your life by eliminating the fear which holds you back.

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The Words of the Master

Master Hamid Bey’s knowledge of the teaching of the Egyptian Mystery School is legendary. His wisdom embraces the depth of universality expressed in the hidden mysteries of ancient Egypt throughout its magnificent history.

These twelve introductory lessons written by Hamid Bey embrace the depth of our inner and outer quest for self-mastery.

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Lectures of Master Hamid Bey

A digital PDF with transcripts of many of Master Hamid Bey’s lectures.  Easy to search for exactly what you’re looking for, and more than enough material to keep you busy for ages!

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Egypt's Master Voice

A full course of Master Hamid Bey’s wisdom for getting the most out of life.  Available as a PDF download or a physical 3-ring binder shipped to you.

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The Wisdom of the Ages Home Study Course

Through an adaptation of the teachings of the ancient temples of Egypt, the Coptic Fellowship has developed a proven method of harnessing unlimited divine power. The Coptic Wisdom of the Ages Home Study Course draws upon important esoteric and metaphysical knowledge passed down for the White Brotherhood of Moses’ era and the Essene Order of 2,000 years ago. Step by step, in carefully prepared easy-to-understand lessons, you will learn to bring the governing powers of the universe to life within yourself.

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Coptic Memberships

Support the Coptic mission with an annual donation and get free thank-you gifts, including a 10% discount on all products and events offered on this website, a FREE copy of “The Power of Your Mind versus Fear” by Hamid Bey, access to one set of conference recordings per year, and more.

Gift Card

The PERFECT gift for someone special, the gift of spiritual growth.  Coptic gift cards may be used for anything offered through the Coptic Center website, from courses, books, and audiobooks, to workshop recordings and live events. 

During checkout, you may specify to whom the gift card is to be sent, and when they should get the email.  Simply choose your amount and click “Add to Cart”

Hypnotic Manifesting

In just 90 minutes, you can become a Master Manifestor!

Manifesting works when you believe it will work. Most folks teach manifesting as a conscious process, which is not the most effective way to do it. When you can relax, go within, and delegate the manifesting work to your subconscious, manifesting becomes effortless. Hypnosis is the ideal tool to make this happen. Watch this 90-minute guided experience, and you will walk away a Master Manifestor.

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SHINE: How to Get Out of Your Own Way to Light Up the World

Presented by Kristen Hartnagel.  Imposter syndrome can rob you of joy and keep you from your greatness. In this program, Kristen shares what imposter syndrome is, uncovers its detrimental effects, and provides practical strategies to overcome it to shine brightly.

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50 years Vegetarian to Keto - Lose Weight, Gain Energy, Get Rid of Pain

Presented by Cary Kirastar Ellis.  Lose Weight, Gain Energy, Get Rid of Pain.” We’ll discuss ways to shed pounds while boosting your energy levels, improving your overall health, and eliminating pain.  Learn a key underlying cause of illness and obesity, and the secrets to keeping your body slim, vital and healthy!  This workshop will have enough step-by-step instructions to inspire you to change your life for the better!

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Empower Yourself - Create Abundance, Relationship, Success

This incredible workshop is designed to empower and inspire you to create abundance in all areas of your life!   This workshop will cover relationship building, success, and other aspects of leading a fulfilled life.  We will do the 21st Century Superhuman Meditation that attendees will be able to keep and use regularly for a life-changing focus.  Through a variety of interactive activities, thought-provoking conversations, and clear instruction, this workshop will help you gain the tools and strategies you need to create a more abundant life.

Presented by Cary Kirastar Ellis. 

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Personal and Planetary Ascension

Hosted by Carl Franklin.  WOW! The times we are living in, so much change, so fast!  The Big picture is not us personally or the planet. It is the Universe. And, we all volunteered to assist.  So, what is going on? What is coming, what is the role that you play?  In this workshop, you will be given guidance, a sense of purpose and direction, plus the confidence that comes from knowing that You are doing what you are here to do!

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Death, Dying & Beyond

Hosted by Carl Franklin.  Have you ever been to a funeral of a loved one and wondered: Are they alive somewhere? What are they experiencing? Are they happy?  You can get answers from; people that have died and been resuscitated, communication via channeling, or by reading the Bible.

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5th Dimensional Christianity

In this Workshop we will identify 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensional Christian Beliefs. Such as: Who is God? Who is Jesus? Who are you?  We’ll review several key Bible stories that play major roles in 3rd Dimensional thinking and interpret them from higher levels of consciousness.  This information may assist you in evaluating your present beliefs and possibly modify some of them to a higher Spiritual level.

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Key of Life Mystery - Part 1 - Path of Cartouche

What occurs before you descend into the Earth plane? Do you know what your purpose is before entering the planet? What is Cartouche? Does an awakening occur once you are upon Grandmother Earth?  If so, how? In the ancient Egyptian times, re-awakening was prompted when the timing was right. In this workshop, you will learn what occurs before entering the Planet, life on the Planet and how the re-awakening takes place.

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Key of Life Mystery - Part 2: What is in a Name (Ren)?

Series 2: What’s in a name (Ren)?  The ancient Egyptian word for name is “Ren”. Ren is 1 of the 5 components that make up the Soul (Ren, Ba, Ka, Ib, Sheut). Specific emphasis will be placed on Ren.  In this workshop you will come to understand how important Ren (outer given name and inner symbolic name of Cartouche) is in guiding you through your life.

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Key of Life Mystery - Part 3: Sa-Ka-Ra (From Son to Spirit to Divine) Integration/Initiation.

Series 3: Sa-Ka-Ra (From Son to Spirit to Divine) Integration/Initiation.   This workshop focuses on Sakkara, the first Pyramid built in Ancient Egypt. The Lemurians and Atlantis implanted their teachings there. By walking the Initiation chambers of Saqqara (Sakkara), we, as sons and daughters of the Divine, enter into our personal Ascension journey of the Mystery School teachings

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Love: The Heart of All That Is

Learn more about the power of your perceptions, thoughts, and connection to the heart. How positive thoughts improve our electromagnetic connection on a cellar level with ourselves and others.  You will also learn about heart-brain coherence, and we will take part in a heart coherence experience.  By the end of this workshop, you will realize when we think a thought, when our heart beats, when we activate a muscle, when we do anything, electricity travels along the neural pathways in the body, creating either a positive or negative electromagnetic field within us.

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Keeping Our Energies Resilient

Joy! More Joy!  Doing a short energy routine daily and maybe more, the attendee will begin feeling more vibrant and able to handle life’s situations in a more comfortable and Joyful way. The key word is joyful.  Feeling empowered with new tools to address your own well-being on many levels. Create a life-long habit of taking care of their energies. A person’s energies and what they think and say affects not only themselves. Our own energies affect those in proximity and can even affect those not quite so proximal. We all understand how prayer & thought does the same thing.

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Animals in the Afterlife

Have you ever wondered what happens to our beloved animal companions after they leave their physical bodies? Would you like to learn more about communication with your beloved pets that are in Spirit?  Join Jeanna Billings for a discussion of concepts and techniques for opening the channels of communication with animals in the Afterlife.

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Are We In A Simulation?

One of our favorite storytellers, Rev. Diane Stark facilitates this workshop in which she and the attendees will explore some of what it means to be human.  Looking at recent scientific discoveries that contradict known science, does the theory of a simulation make sense? How does that effect our context in present experience?

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Full Moon Ceremony

Full Moon Ceremony

Thursday, February 22 at 7:00 pm

Honoring Hathor

Spiritualist First Church of Truth
127 Meerse St SE
Grand Rapids, MI  49507

RSVP Preferred
Light refreshments welcomed
Love Offering – payable by credit card through PayPal or Stripe using the link below or you may pay by cash or check at the door.

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Using Frequency to Release Anxiety, Worry, & Fear - Part 1

In each unique session of this three-part group tuning series, you will explore different areas of your biofield, accessing and releasing energetic patterns relating to anxiety, worry, and fear.  Week 1: Activating your ground. We will be building a foundation with a simple method to instantly bring you into the NOW, where you can choose a new future, establishing the groundwork for lasting change in your life.  Come join us and experience a Light Body tune up and see for yourself.

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Using Frequency to Release Anxiety, Worry, & Fear - Part 2

In each unique session of this three-part group tuning series, you will explore different areas of your biofield, accessing and releasing energetic patterns relating to anxiety, worry, and fear.  Week 2: Getting Unstuck. Bathe in different coherent frequencies helping to identify and release old habits and patterns.

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Using Frequency to Release Anxiety, Worry, & Fear - Part 3

In each unique session of this three-part group tuning series, you will explore different areas of your biofield, accessing and releasing energetic patterns relating to anxiety, worry, and fear.  Week 3: Moving Forward. More frequencies as we continue releasing with the tunings and take that next step towards creating the life you desire.  Come join us and experience a Light Body tune up and see for yourself.

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Master the Material Plane As Yourself

Hosted by Amanda Lehman.  An introduction into Human Design, a new technology for discovering your unique place in the world.  Human Design is  a personal and professional assessment tool to reveal your hidden potentials in life.  It helps you understand your true strengths, talents, and gifts, so you can choose activities and roles that better align with who you are, and be more successful as a result.

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2022 Coptic Conference - A New Cycle of Awakening: Ancient Wisdoms for a Transitioning World

Positive, uplifting messages from 20 powerful speakers to help you make the most of these transitioning times.  Please see description below for notes on the different versions offered.

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