The Coptic Fellowship is pleased to provide our promotional partners with a variety of materials to promote this all-important conference.

All graphic banners created for this promotion may be found at:

Textual messages (for emails, blog posts, articles, social media posts, etc.) are divided according to the different stages of promotion, defined below.

Stage 1: Save the Date

The main message here is to announce the event, with a minimum of information and a link to the event page on the Coptic website.  This is mainly to create awareness that an event is scheduled, and provide a link to get more information.

Since these messages are short and sweet, they can be repeated a few times before Stage 2, so this means that it’s best to start this phase at least by December 6th, although it’s possible to start even earlier if you want.  This gives a full month of promotion to get a good response from our various audiences.

Available Materials:

Stage 2: Topical Messages

During this stage of promotion, we introduce some of the specific messages that will be covered during the conference.  These typically get a better response, especially from those who previously saw the “Save the Date” messages.

This phase would normally span about a week or two, but could expand to 3 weeks if you have enough time in your promotional schedule.  This means we could start this phase as early as November 27th, but more typically between December 4th to the 11th.

Available Materials:

Stage 3: Specific Presentations

We originally planned this stage to focus on the individual speakers, but couldn’t find a good way to present the many possible options available.

What we have instead are additional messages on more specific aspects of the conference presentations.

This phase would include 2-3 weeks prior to Stage 4, which means starting around December 15th.

Available Materials:

Stage 4: Final Call to Action

This last stage of promotion is where we typically see the greatest response, since most folks tend to procrastinate until the last minute.  The messages here are more focused on what they will miss if they don’t register for the event.  In general, a recap of everything that came before with added urgency.

This is typically done during the final week before the event, so starting around January 1st.

Available Materials:

  • Emails / Blog Posts
  • It’s also possible to use the same messages as earlier in the campaign and just add a “Last chance” message at the beginning and end.