This agreement is entered into by you and Coptic Fellowship International (CFI) for presentation of one or more online workshops as described below. (Please fill out a separate form for each separate workshop you want to offer. One form is sufficient for a single workshop presented multiple times.)

Both Presenter and CFI will retain independent ownership of the production ready copy of the workshop and no commissions will be owed to the other for future sales. The Presenter has the option of signing up at no charge for the CFI Partner Program and then would be entitled to commissions under the terms of that agreement. See

The Presenter agrees to provide the following by at least 2 weeks prior to the workshop date, unless otherwise pre-arranged with the Event Committee Chairperson:
1. Information about the Workshop that will be offered, including (a) the title of the Workshop, and (b) an optional short video describing the Workshop (60 seconds or less).
2. The Presenter may provide brochure type artwork to be included on the CFI website and emails.
3. Pertinent biographical information describing the presenter’s experience and qualifications.
4. Presenter contact information, including (a) name, (b) credentials (if applicable), (c) address, (d) telephone numbers, and (e) e-mail addresses.
5. Name to which payment should be made and an appropriate Social Security number or Tax Identification number.
6. If required for the workshop: manage Zoom breakout rooms, polling or other advanced Zoom features.

CFI Agrees to provide the following:
1. Market the workshop to the CFI mailing list and social media.
2. Provide a registration link to the Presenter.
3. Manage workshop registration and collect fees. All attendees must register through the CFI registration process.
4. Provide zoom service and link for the on-line workshop.
5. Provide an MC/technical administrative person to manage the Zoom conference. These support personnel will not be charged a workshop fee. (Up to 2 people)
6. The workshop will be canceled if the minimum of 5 registrants (unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties) is not met 3 hours prior to the workshop.
7. Provide production-ready recording of the workshop. CFI reserves the right to edit the video.

CFI agrees to provide the Presenter:
1. 50% of the workshop fees collected by those attending the workshop after commissions and direct expenses (if any), and a $25.00 video production fee is subtracted.
2. Payment of services is generally made no later than two (2) weeks after the date of the event.
3. The presenter may receive commissions from future sales of the recording under the CFI Partner Program.

The Presenter agrees to hold CFI and The Event Committee harmless from any and all liability arising out of or in any way related to the Presenter’s performance. The parties agree that the Presenter is an independent contractor and shall not be deemed to be an employee of CFI.

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