Greetings of Universal Love;

The Coptic Fellowship is a spiritual/metaphysical organization. We are Universal in our perspective. We teach laws of balanced living in self-mastery as introduced in ancient Egypt. We encourage individuals to be leaders, find their personal ministry and strive towards higher consciousness.

The transition of the planet Earth is keeping with the enlightenment of the Aquarian Age. The New Order is one of Sister/brotherhood, world peace and harmony made possible by Light and Love. That which separated men and women in the Piscean Age will be healed, and they will universally come together as brothers and sisters of all nations.

By helping to build the foundation of the “World as One Family” we will fulfill the great promise of the creation of heaven on earth and the true meaning of “the great joy that passeth all understanding.” Our daily prayers for the homeless to find homes, the hungry to find food and the sick and injured to be healed is the spiritual foundation upon which to help collectively to raise earth consciousness.

Let the Great Shining light envelop you and forever illuminate your pathway to the most glorious of all human endeavors – the realm of Joy and Peace and Love — through the means of the universal sacred teachings of the Coptic Fellowship.

In the spirit of planetary peace, unity and prosperity.

Steve Krejcik, Coptic Director

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