To serve the community, we have developed educational, motivational, and inspirational conferences, seminars, classes, and workshops that:

  1. Give the participants successful experiences with their own abilities in problem solving, relationship building, intuitive understanding, and dynamic self-expression.
  2. Provide innovative tools for enhancing personal communication skills.
  3. Utilize techniques that stimulate the release of mental, emotional, physical blocks to creativity and learning.
  4. Offer guidance for quickly and safely unfolding of higher faculties.
  5. Build the foundation for developing future leaders.
  6. Provide a list of reference sources for independent, continue study in the areas taught.



The following are some of the areas the Coptic Fellowship teaches relating to Universal Consciousness:

  1. Your inner attunement, meditation and concentration — Alpha and Theta levels with complete relaxation.
  2. How to exercise cosmic law of forgiveness, (acceptance) — application to past, present, and future.
  3. Purification of physical vehicle. Proper diet and exercise techniques for intuitional development.
  4. Chakaras — the universe within — purification of etheric, emotional, and mental vehicles.
  5. Mental body and astral body projection in inner realms of planetary consciousness.
  6. Your mind — the miracle worker. Self-imagery. Outer expression of light and love energies.
  7. Techniques for reaching levels of higher spiritual dimensions with conscious awareness.
  8. Creating light channels within. Preparation for The Word, Laws of Light and Sound.
  9. Kundalini process — Birth of 3rd eye.
  10. Inner experience with your universal higher self. Immortality and second birth.



The following are some of the other Coptic seminars and workshops available:

  1. A Modern Look at the Egyptian Mystery Schools
  2. Personal Power Workshop
  3. Self-Mastery Training
  4. A Day of Revelation
  5. One-World Consciousness
  6. Steps to Inner Ascension
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