Engaging our youth in Universal Truth
through balanced, positive, loving, and joyful living.

The Coptic Youth Fellowship is an evolving spiritual children’s program facilitated by Coptic teachers and ministers with guest speakers, workshops, and lessons that align with the Coptic tenets and promote self-awareness, spiritual growth, and our at-one-ness with Universal Consciousness.

Our mission is to plant seeds of awareness by:

  • Following the principles of Christ-conscious living
  • Fellowship with the Coptic Family
  • Service to the Universal family
  • Study of the Law of Attraction
  • Learning through music and play
  • Discovering of self through worldly art and movement
  • Exploration of Nature
  • Insight of self and others through meditation and relaxation

The workshops and presentation will focus on fun, faith, and friendship; also on bringing ideas from Coptic Fellowship founder Hamid Bey’s lessons, to a level that children can understand.

The fellowship is appropriate for children approximately 5-15 years of age.  The cost is a love offering.  Parents are welcome to stay or drop off their children for the duration of the 4-hour sessions.

For questions, interest in presenting a workshop/activity, or for further information, please contact: Renee Whitlow at 734-634-4275 / reneethaxton@yahoo.com, or The Coptic Center at 616-531-1339.

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