Coptic Master Course Level 2 (Self-Discovery) is where we dive in deep into the teachings of Master Hamid Bey, which help us understand our place in the world, and how best to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

For those who are working on their own self-growth, the benefits are obvious.  Less confusion, improved decisions, more energy and power to accomplish your own personal goals, and much more.

For those who are taking our courses to become better leaders, this helps you in several ways.

First, a deeper understanding of yourself will help you find and manage a rich reservoir of strength, power, and wisdom, which make leading others a much easier proposition.

This also helps you understand the people you seek to lead — what motivates them, what they need to feel fulfilled, and how to help them become the best versions of themselves possible.

And by extension, the more you are able to help others achieve their goals, the more they will appreciate your efforts and help you achieve your goals.

In addition, this course helps you to further improve your communication skills through the practice of public speaking.  Not only does this help you become a better leader, it also give you greater self-confidence to stand up and speak up for yourself when needed.

Course Objectives

Self-Discovery training is commitment to continued personal growth and self-discovery. We will delve into the self through the teachings of Master Hamid Bey. Each student will experience a new way to view and live life to its fullest. To step outside of the normal and experience self-development and growth in a new way.

The Coptic Fellowship Self-Discovery is a new course designed to guide students to new levels of introspection and personal growth. This new course evolved out of the former “Teacher Training” class based on feedback from former students.

Self-Discovery uses experiential methods to help you:

  • Interact with the world on a higher level through balanced living.

  • Improve your communications for even greater impact.

  • Explore deeper insights into the way our world works.

  • Integrate the incredible wisdom of our founder, Master Hamid Bey.

  • Transcend old patterns and limitations.

Self-Discovery achieves these goals through introspection and discussion of the teachings of Master Hamid Bey using:

  • Fellowship, bonding and development of life-long friendships.

  • We will share the truth of who we are in an atmosphere of mutual trust, friendship, respect, and love.

  • A personal journey into the heart.

  • Focus on developing a better understanding of life through personal exploration of the teachings of Master Hamid Bey.

  • Exploring new chapters and questions from Egypt’s Master Voice.

  • Time for discussion and exploration into the self.

  • In depth discussions into the Coptic Home Study Lessons facilitated by the students.

  • Daily meditation and breathwork.

  • Experiential exercises into spirit to heal and release old unwanted patterns.

  • Student focus on what you believe and why.

  • Public speaking and facilitating groups.

  • Development of your own personal ministry of service whatever that may be.

  • Learn how to market and perform a workshop.

Course Outline

What are the spiritual laws/cosmic laws of the universe? These answers and many more are revealed in these sacred teachings shared by Master Hamid Bey in this course. These wisdom teachings come directly from Jesus The Christ. The Coptic’s, like the White Brotherhood have protected these truths. Now is the time, your golden opportunity to be awakened to the secrets, that are our birthrights.

Join us as we explore in unity, the many paths to your self-discovery. Learn discernment and other spiritual tools that will expand your consciousness that will highly accelerate your path of enlightenment. As you read the layered learning material, your vibration raises, you transform all that you are. You see and live life in a new way. The spirit of Master Hamid Bey works with you in a very detailed manner through these practices of diet, exercise and mediation, this will become your daily practicum. The spirit of Master Hamid Bey will guide you to discover your truth and how to stand strong in it.

As you learn to sharpen your focus (another tool to add to your toolbox) your perception will be shifted. Remember, anything is possible. You see, learn, and hear what has been there all along, with new awareness, all is possible now.

Tools to discover your truth will be provided through daily practices. Master Hamid Bey encourages you to walk your path. In establishing your daily practice, doing the good work, you will achieve self-discovery. All the secrets will be revealed for you and human kind. As we grow together in fellowship and unity, we are co-creating our life, our world, our planet. These truths are so profound, you will thirst for more and more.

Discover your truth, add spiritual tools, learn secret teachings, access a “How to” guide by Master Hamid Bey. Self-Discovery leads you on a personal adventure about you and your place in the universe.

We invite you to renew your relationship with Self, Spirit and Master Hamid Bey through Self-Discovery.

Classes start this October. Registration ends on September 30th.

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Course Schedule

This year, we’re presenting our courses online via the Zoom video conferencing system.  This is an easy system for most folks, and you can attend our sessions with a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  Full “how to connect” instructions will be provided, and we’ll do our best to help you with the technical aspects.

Classes will be held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month, starting October 2023 through April 2024.   

Each session will start at 7pm and run about 2 hours.

Course Requirements

Coptic Master Course, Level 2 (Self-Discovery) is open to those who have successfully completed our Level 1 Course (WSO).

Self-Discovery occurs live online approximately every other week in 13 two-hour interactive meetings.

The cost* for new students is:

$300.00 for the complete curriculum if paid in full prior to the first class

4 monthly payments of $80.00. The first payment is required prior to the first class.

* Those that have already taken Teacher Training or Self-Discovery can attend for free, but you must register by September 1st. 

Required books for the course are:

All 49 Coptic Home Study Lessons (Digital Version) $97.00*

Coptic Master Course – Egypt’s Master Voice (Digital Version) $ 49.00*

*10% discount is available for Coptic members

It’s also possible to select PayPal Credit as an option during checkout, so the entire fee (course plus books) can be spread over 6 monthly payments at no interest. 


“I found the answers I have searched for my entire life in the Home Study Lessons Master Hamid Bey”.

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