For those who wish to serve humanity on a more personal level, we also offer our Master Course Level 4 (Ministerial Training).

This is where students learn how to minister to the needs of others through a variety of channels, including counseling, presenting workshops, running a spiritual center, and performing the rituals of weddings, baptisms, funerals, and more.

Course Objectives

This is where we describe what the student will experience as a result of taking this course.

Course Outline

If possible, show the topics to be covered in each of the 5 weekends.  Also show the actual dates for the upcoming series.

Course Requirements

Now that the value of the course has been established, it’s time to cover the investment, including successfully completing Levels 1 through 3, the purchase of various materials, etc.

I would also recommend using an application process for this course.  When not everyone is accepted, especially to a ministerial program, the value of the program is enhanced.  We really don’t want people thinking that anyone who can pay the fee can become a minister.


Quotes from past graduates showing how valuable this course has been to them.

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