Apr 18, 2024


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Online Workshop-The Great Pyramid Light Initiation

Online Workshop presented by:  Ortrun Franklin

Attaining “Souls Liberation” is an internal journey.

The students of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools received their “rings” of achievement at specific Pyramid and Temple sights (each focusing on different aspects of Divine Consciousness. The Great Pyramid focuses on Unified Consciousness. Each chamber of the Pyramid resides within us. As above, so below! Heart/Mind conscious is within us: it is a reflection of Osiris/Isis consciousness; which in turn reflects the stellar consciousness of the Orion and Sirius constellations. Join me as I guide you through the Initiation chambers of the Great Pyramid which will lift you up to Unified Consciousness.

Cost:  $25



The event is finished.