“I was a student when I was first introduced to the writings and teachings of Hamid Bey through his Midwest Director, Master Stanley in Detroit. I eventually met Hamid Bey himself. More than 40 years later, his teachings continue to guide large parts of my life.

The essence of his teachings are quite simple and fundamental, in that they derive from the deepest and most profound parts of all world religions, and he authored the mystical teachings of Christianity. Yet simplicity is often the most complex and difficult thing to understand or achieve. The simplicity of a quiet and empty mind. The simplicity of letting go of the million thoughts and emotions that constantly swirl through us. The simplicity of calming the body to the point where you have control over your pulse. The simplicity of merging our small and single oneness with the vast oneness of All That Is.

If you are ready for an extraordinary, deeply mystical journey, this book is your guide. Good travels!”

Thom Hartmann,
Recognized author on the New York Times best selling List
Host of a very popular national TV and Radio Show

The Power of Your Mind vs. Fear

Powerful wisdom from Master Hamid Bey shows you how to overcome any difficulty in your life by eliminating the fear which holds you back.