This agreement is entered into by you, the speaker and The COPTIC Fellowship International (The COPTIC Fellowship) for presentation of a single lecture during the 2024 January Coptic Conference held on Saturday, March 2nd, 2024.

The speaker agrees to present one – 1/2 hour lecture, and to provide the following by December 8, 2023, unless otherwise pre-arranged with the Conference Coordinator:

  1. Information about the Lecture that will be offered, including (a) the title of the Lecture, and (b) a brief description of the benefits the audience will get from attending the Lecture.
  2. Pertinent biographical information describing the speaker’s experience and qualifications.
  3. Speaker contact information, including (a) name, (b) credentials (if applicable), (c) address, (d) telephone number, and (e) e-mail address.
  4. Name to which payment should be made and an appropriate Social Security number or Tax Identification number.
  5. A list of requirements, if any, needed to facilitate the lecture, no later than February 9th, 2024.

If the speaker needs assistance to record his/her presentation prior to the event, Speaker must schedule this with The COPTIC Fellowship and have it completed by February 9th, 2024.

The COPTIC Fellowship agrees to accept speaker into our Partner Program, and speaker may earn 50% commissions on all event sales to his/her audience when using the provided tracking URL (to be provided separately).

The COPTIC Fellowship further agrees to promote the speaker, speaker’s website, and speaker’s primary message before, during and after the Conference.  No commissions will be owed to The COPTIC Fellowship by the Speaker, and this is intended to be free advertising for the speaker.

The speaker agrees to promote the Coptic Conference in good faith at least twice during the month preceding the event.  This promotion may be in the form of an email sent out to the speaker’s list, posts to Facebook and other social media, physical mail, or even ads placed in various national and global media. The COPTIC Fellowship will provide professionally-prepared marketing materials for this purpose, and the Speaker is permitted to customize these materials to better suit his/her audience, provided the customizations do not alter the intended message of the marketing materials, nor misrepresent the nature of the event.

The speaker further agrees to hold The COPTIC Fellowship and The COPTIC Conference Committee harmless from any and all liability arising out of or in any way related to the speaker’s performance during the term of this agreement. The parties agree that the speaker is an independent contractor and shall not be considered to be an employee of The COPTIC Fellowship.

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