Aug 23, 2019


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Crystal Bowl Meditation

Wear comfortable clothes.  Bring a yoga mat, blanket or pillow to make yourself comfortable.  *Chairs will be available.

With the Crystal Bowl meditations, one will have every cell in his or her body resonated.  The wonderful aspect with the quartz based bowls is that everyone has silica and oxygen in their body, and this creates an easy gateway for shifting the body.  What Timothy will be bringing with him are crystal bowls that are called Alchemy Bowls.  These bowls still have a primary base of quartz, but then they have other minerals or metals added to enhance them.  So, the note of the bowls will shift you.  The color of the bowl will shift you.  The minerals or metals added to the bowl will shift you.  This causes a much greater effect upon one’s body than the frosted bowl by itself.  Then you add the intention and focus of the meditation, and one can see an even greater potential for change.  And, you will be shifted.

        Timothy also does bodywork and energy work.  He will be doing sessions while in the area.  If possible, please contact him ahead of time if you desire a session.  For the work Timothy does, he tailors each session to his awareness and understanding of what your body wants/needs. With massage therapy, he tends to lean more toward the therapeutic modalities. With the energy work, he melds crystal healing with crystal bowl playing, although he will also use other forms of energy and sound healing.

Contact him by phone (502) 636-1116 email

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