Jun 22, 2023


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Key of Life Mystery 3-Part Series – Part I: Path of Cartouche


Series 1: Path of Cartouche
Series 2: What’s in a Name (Ren)?
Series 3: SA-KA-RA (From Son to Spirit to SUN Step Pyramid Initiation)

What occurs before you descend into the Earth plane? Do you know what your purpose is before entering the planet? What is Cartouche? Does an awakening occur once you are upon Grandmother Earth?

If so, how? In the ancient Egyptian times, re-awakening was prompted when the timing was right. In this workshop, you will learn what occurs before entering the Planet, life on the Planet and how the re-awakening takes place.

Cost:  $20

The event is finished.

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