May 14, 2024


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Coptic Experience – Speaker, Alan Tutt – Activating Your FULL Manifesting Power

Speaker:  Alan Tutt
Title:  Activating Your FULL Manifesting Power

Alan Tutt, our resident expert on maximizing your manifesting ability, has made another breakthrough that can help you get MUCH BETTER results from your manifesting efforts, and is ready to share his discoveries with us all. A relatively simple addition that takes almost no effort whatsoever can actually MULTIPLY your manifesting success. Experience more vibrant health, happier relationships, and greater prosperity with this almost counter-intuitive twist to manifesting. During his presentation, Alan will also lead the group through a guided exercise to help you master this technique so you can count on it working for you every single time. Don’t miss this!

Coptic Moment:  Steve Krejcik

Fellowship begins at 6:30 PM ET

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The event is finished.

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