Mar 02, 2024


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Virtual Coptic Conference – From Pyramids to Present: Keys to Harmonious Living

Save the Date for our next virtual one-day Coptic Conference on Zoom!

“From Pyramids to Present: Keys to Harmonious Living” delves into the historical roots of human societies, offering insights into the keys that unlock a balanced and harmonious way of life in the present day. By examining the past and present, the conference aims to inspire individuals to apply these keys to harmonious living in their personal and professional lives, fostering a positive impact on themselves and the broader global community.

The conference will bring together speakers from diverse fields, fostering an exchange of ideas and knowledge, providing attendees with valuable perspectives on how ancient wisdom and modern insights converge to offer keys for achieving balance, purpose, and harmony in our interconnected world.

From the majestic Pyramids of Egypt to the complexities of our modern world, the conference aims to uncover the keys and insights that have shaped civilizations, guiding individuals on the path to a more harmonious existence.

Keep an eye out for more information coming your way very soon!

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